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Non-contact Thickness Gauge
Non-contact Thickness Gauge Measurement System TM-101

Patents obtained in Japan, USA and Europe

非接触厚さ計測システム TM-101の画像

On the manufacturing floor, controlling web thickness in-line is very important for improving the yield rate. However, in conventional systems using infrared ray or radiation, measurements were affected by the material properties and color of the web.
Maysun offers a breakthrough solution. Our thickness gauge measurement system enables real time, non-contact web measurement in-line. We recommend this system with confidence to customers who require high precision.


非接触厚さ計測システム TM-101の画像
  • Our non-contact web thickness gauge measurement system uses no radiation, including gamma, beta or x-rays, and therefore does not require special permits to operate. It excels in terms of safety and operability, and provides high accuracy.
  • The magneto-static sensor built into the sensor unit makes it possible to measure the thickness of aluminum foils, copper foils and other non-magnetic metal foils.
  • The system can measure transparent films and sheets, as well as printed and colored items.
  • The system is virtually unaffected by the ambient environment, such as vibration or heat.
  • A moisture meter can be embedded as an option for use as a grammage range measuring system.

* We offer the use of our permanently installed test machine for your trial. Please inquire for details.

Recipient of Shizuoka Prefecture New Technology Development Subsidy
[Cooperation] Shizuoka University Department of Technology, Shizuoka Industrial Technology Center
[Joint Development] Sumitomo Heavy Industry, Ltd. Plastic Division, Sumitomo Heavy Industry, Ltd. Research Center

Major Specifications

Web speed 0~1,200m/min
Web width MAX 8,000 mm
Web thickness MAX 500 μm
Precision +-0.2μm (It depends on a measurement condition.)
Ambient temperature 10~50℃

Theory of Measurement


Utilizing a unique sensor that integrates optical and magnetic sensors

The system uses a unique sensor that integrates an optical sensor and a magnetic sensor. The optical sensor measures the height of the web’s top surface and the magnetic sensor measures the distance from magnetic sensor to the back-up roll. Web thickness is calculated based on the difference in values. Due to the integrated sensors, fluctuations caused by vibration or thermal expansion of the roll are automatically corrected. In addition, the effects of roll composition and residual magnetism are excluded through computer processing.

Screen Display of Measurement Results

Profile (thickness distribution of the width direction of the web)
Trend (thickness distribution of the flow dire ction of the web)
Profile and Trend
Profile and Trend
Frequency thickness disribution
Frequency thickness disribution

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