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Non-contact Thickness Gauge
Non-contact Thickness Gauge Measurement System TM-101

Obtained patents in Japan, USA and Europe

非接触厚さ計測システム TM-101の画像

It is very important for improving the yield at controlling and measuring the thickness of the web in line. However, in the traditional measurement used the infrared ray or radiation, the measured values were affected by the material and color of the web.
To overcome the current situation, MAYSUN`s Thickness Gauge Measurement System can measure by not only real time but also non-contact. We`d like to recommend this system with confidence for users who are pursuing the high precision.


非接触厚さ計測システム TM-101の画像
  • MAYSUN`s No-contact Thickness gauge Measurement System does not use any radiation such as gamma, beta, x-ray and so on. Therefore, it isn`t necessary to qualify a special license. Safety, operability and very precise.
  • Because a magnetic sensor of the static magnetic field is built into the sensor unit, it`s possible to measure the thickness of the nonmagnetic metallic foils such as the aluminum foils, copper foils etc.
  • It`s possible to measure the various composite films laminated the different materials without an offset.
  • Without doubt, it`s possible to measure the transparent films and sheets, as well as the printed and colored laminas.
  • The measurement isn`t effected by the ambient environment of the vibration and heat.
  • As an option, a moisture meter can be installed and used as a basis weight sensor.

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The subsidy grand of Shizuoka Prefecture New Technology Development
[Cooperation] Faculty of Engineering, Shizuoka University
[Joint Development] Sumitomo (SHI) DEMAG plastics Machinery, Technology Research Center, Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd.

Major Specifications

Web speed 0~1,200m/min
Web width MAX 8,000 mm
Web thickness MAX 500 μm
Temperature range of the measurement environment 10~50℃

Measurement Principle


Using a unique conjunction sensor with optical and magnetic sensors

This system uses a unique conjunction sensor with an optical sensor and a magnetic sensor. The distance to the upper surface of the web, is measured by the optical sensor. And the distance to the surface of the backup roll, is measured by the magnetic sensor. Thereby, the thickness of the web will be calculated from the difference between the two distances. Because the optical sensor and the magnetic sensor are integrated, the fluctuations can be automatically corrected even though the vibration or thermal expansion of the roll will be occurred. In addition, the effects from the structure and the residual magnetism of the backup roll, will be eliminated by the special processing of the computer.

Screen Display of Measurement Results

Profile (thickness distribution of the width direction of the web)
Trend (thickness distribution of the flow dire ction of the web)
Profile and Trend
Profile and Trend
Frequency thickness disribution
Frequency thickness disribution

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