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Composite Material Slitter
Slitting Machine ST-102

Dedicated composite material slitting machine thoroughly pursuing the slit quality

スリッティングマシン ST-102の画像1
スリッティングマシン ST-102の画像2

High precision roll control possible via a proprietary tension control system

The brake braking torque is detected and the tensile strength is controlled therefore a sensing roll is unnecessary.

Proprietary helm line system

Crawling corrected speed is possible in compliance with the operating speed and therefore creases and tears are reduced.

Free layout, each respective material slit requirement proposal

Leveraging the experience cultivated in the paper manufacturing industry, we propose slit requirements and roll up systems adapted for sectional materials. We offer superior systems meeting our client's requirements aiming for efficient operations.

Supply various composite material manufacturing premises

Supplied to copper-clad laminate (CCL), resin copper foil (RCC), Lithium Ion battery, metal evaporation film, non-woven material, various composite material manufacturing premises and have received high commendations.

Slitter top bottom blade sensitive settings completely digitized

Directly detects the top bottom blade contact pressure via a pressure sensor. For that reason, the top bottom blade sensitive matchings are digitized and a stable quality is obtainable.




Introduction of NC Slitter Ancillary Technology

NCスリッターと厚さ計のパイオニア 明産株式会社


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