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Composite Material Slitter
Slitting Machine ST-102

A Specialized Slitting Machine pursued the slit quality, for composite materials

スリッティングマシン ST-102の画像1
スリッティングマシン ST-102の画像2

Possible to get the high precision winding control by the proprietary tension control system

Because the brake can detect the braking torque and can control the tension by itself, the sensing roll is not necessary.

Adopting the original meandering correction system

Correct the meandering while following the line speed.

A proposal of flexible layout and the slit conditions for each material

We will proposal the slit conditions and winding methods which adapted to the slit material, by the experience cultivated in the paper manufacturing industry. According to the user`s needs, we will improve efficiency of the operation, and provide the superior systems.

Delivering to the manufacturing sites of various composite materials

Delivering to the manufacturing sites of various composite such as the Copper-Clad-laminate (CCL), Resin Coated Copper (RCC), Lithium Ion Battery, film of metal vapor deposition, non-woven fabric and so on. And it is regarded highly.

Digitizing the slight settings of slitter`s upper and lower blades completely

The contact pressure of the upper and lower blades will be detected directly by a built-in contact pressure sensor in the holder of the upper blade. Therefore, the slight tool-setting of the upper and lower blades can be digitized and can be set. And then the steady quality can be obtained easily.




Introduction of NC Slitter Ancillary Technology

A pioneer of NC Slitters and Thickness Gauges MAYSUN

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