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Table Top Thickness Gauge
Rotary Caliper Gauge RC-1

Simple and high precision measurements offline

ロータリーキャリパー計 RC-1の画像

Traditional pressure type, stylus type measuring device problem sheet oveall length or overall width cover extend thickness continuous measurement inaptitude, individual differences error of measurement and time resolution, film and sheet manufacturing premises sampling sheet offline simple and high precision measurement.


  • After sampling at the spot, measurements can be swiftly taken easily
  • Measurement possible without tension to sheet due to combination of sheet live roll and measurement roll
  • Removal of measurement errors and labor due to individual differences
  • +-0.25 mu m accuracy is possible
  • Takes accurate measurements from the beginning of the sheet up to the edge
  • Compact portable body


  • Insert the sheet to be measured between the rotating two rolls (measurement roll and back up feed roll) and the sensor catches the changes above and below the measurement roll
  • Measurement roll and sensor are non-contact, therefore possible to take direct measurement of measurement roll displacement without worry of mechanical assistance


Measurement Accuracy Measurement range 0-200 mu m:+-0.25mu m
Measurement range 0-1000 mu m: +-1mu m
Measurement Machine Direction Resolution 0.48mm
Measurement Speed Roughly 60mm/sec
External Dimensions W410mm x H440mm x D350mm

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