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Desktop Thickness Gauge
Rotary Caliper Gauge RC-1

Simple and high precision measurements offline

ロータリーキャリパー計 RC-1の画像

The Desktop Thickness Gauge can solve the measuring error from an individual difference and the inaptitude, which was a problem of continuously measuring over the overall length or overall width of the sheets in the traditional pressure type and stylus type. And it also can measure the thickness of sampled sheets easily and precisely at the manufacture factory of sheets such as films off-line.


  • It is possible to measure the thickness quickly and simply after sampling on site
  • Because the measuring roll is also a driving roll, it is possible to measure the thickness without the tension added to the sheet
  • Eliminating the measurement errors and the labors from an individual difference
  • It is possible to correctly measure the thickness from this end to that end off sheets
  • Compact and portable body


  • Insert the measured sheet between the 2rolls (measuring roll and backup roll・feed roll) which are rotating, and the sensor will detect the movement of the measuring roll up and down, therefore the changes of the thickness will be measured.
  • Because the measuring roll has non-contact with the sensor, the movement of the measuring roll can be measured directly without mechanical mechanism.


Measurement Accuracy Measurement range 0~200µm : ±0.25µm
Measurement range 0~1000µm : ±1µm
Measurement Resolution in the Flow Direction 0.50mm
Measuring Speed About 60mm/s
External Dimensions W410mm x H440mm x D350mm

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