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Paper Manufacturing Slitter
NC Slitter BC-2

A NC Slitter Compiled the Unique Technologies of MAYSUN

Slitter Units with Revolutionary Moving Mechanisms

NC slitter for Sheet-cutters
NC slitter for Sheet-cutters
NC slitter for Winders
NC slitter for Winders

The left and right moving mechanism of the BC-2 slitter unit is our unique method that used the endless steel belt and clutch to resist the paper powder clogging. After moving, the position will be measured by an absolute position sensor which used the ultrasound and magnetism. And be fine-tuned to the specified position automatically. This method is proud of the high position accuracy.

The BC-2 slitter unit has a structure which not only can operate by automatically, but also can operate by manually. And mode changing can be performed by the switch button in the operation box. The slitter unit can be operated easily by a finger in the manual operation. This structure is a proprietary technology of MAYSUN, and it is effective at maintenance such as rebladings. If you switch from a manual operation to an automatic operation, the slitter unit can be returned to the specified position by the absolute position sensor. In addition, because the slitter unit uses an AC servo motor, the moving speed is optional.

Slitter unit with a built-in contact pressure sensor

Blade-holder for winders
Blade-holder for winders

The BC-2 slitter unit has a built-in contact pressure sensor of the strain gauge type, which be developed the first by MAYSUN in the world. By the sensor, the contact pressure of the slitter blade will be digitally displayed, and the tool-setting can be adjusted easily, too. Thereby, the steady slit section will be got frequently.

Easy operation

Contact pressure sensor built into the rod of the blade-holder
Contact pressure sensor built into the rod of the blade-holder

The operation of the BC-2 can be performed by the touch panel screen incorporated in the operation panel. There`s a simple menu in the screen, so the beginners also can operate easily without discomfort.

Major Specifications

Min. width
  • NC Slitter for sheet-cutters - left-hand: 190mm (right-hand: 450mm)
  • NC Slitter for winders - left-hand: 290mm (right-hand: 550mm)
Moving of slitter units
  • The left and right sequential movement method of upper and lower units
  • Max. Speed: 18m/min
Position accuracy of slitter units
  •  Comprehensive accuracy of electric and machine: ±0.2mm
    (Resolution of absolute position sensor: 5µm)
Control method
  • (Starting from present position) method
  • Contact pressure control method of upper and lower blades
  • Communication with host computer (optional)
 Operation mode
  • Key-in operation by touch-panel
  • We would like to respond to customer`s specifications such as a slitting-width, slitting-pieces, etc.

Introduction of NC Slitter Ancillary Technology

A pioneer of NC Slitters and Thickness Gauges MAYSUN

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