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Composite Material Slitter
NC Slitter RP-101

Maysun's proprietary technologies are effectively applied to our slitters and slitting machines.

NCスリッター RP-101の画像

The RP-101 Slitter was developed for new materials like optical films and the prerequisite is to utilize it in a clean room. The RP-101 slitter unit registration utilizes the rack and pinion gear. Due to this, the position accuracy is high, and there is no occurance of waste. Also it is possible for all of the slitter units to move simultaneoulsy.
The pressure settings are carried out via a touch panel. The "miracle" slit is highly regarded in the industry.
The trim width, number, manual/automatic mode of slitter units, and various other requests can be combined and customized.




Introduction of NC Slitter Ancillary Technology

NCスリッターと厚さ計のパイオニア 明産株式会社


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