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Composite Material Slitter
NC Slitter RP-101

The development for new materials such as optical films

NCスリッター RP-101の画像

The RP-101 is a slitter which developed for new materials such as the optical films, and it is used in the clean room that is the prerequisite. The RP-101 Slitter units use the racks and pinion gears to fix positions. For this reason, the positioning accuracy is high, and the dust will be not caused by moving. In addition, all of the slitter units can move at the same time.
The contact pressure could be set by a touch panel. And the wonderful slit section is regarded in the industry.
According to the needs such as the trim width, slitting numbers, manual/automatic mode of slitter units and so on, can be combined and customized.




Introduction of NC Slitter Ancillary Technology

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